Part Dog

Black Dog


Una gente con perro era ya un poco perro, y por lo tanto digna de atención.

A person with a dog was part dog and therefore worthy of attention.


Elena Poniatowksa,  “Chocolate”

translated by  George Henson


Dog Eases Stress, Rats Out Kids

The Lady just read me this lovely New York Times “Well” post in which Michele Hollow describes how one of my fellow canines, a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Cali, sniffs out little humans’ anxiety at a New Jersey school and then helps them talk about their troubles until they feel better.

It’s all very heartwarming, even for a tough fellow like me.  (Yes, I know I don’t look very tough, but I am.  Size means nothing.)

But lo and behold, just a few paragraphs later, we learn whose side Cali, a/k/a “Benedict Furnold,” is really on.

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