Albert the Dog in Central Park NYC

Review: Eastern Mountain Sports [updated]

TREATS:  1 out of 4 (supposedly)


Unlike their main competitor, REI, Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) sometimes allows dogs in their stores.*  It may surprise some of my readers who think of New York as a Hellscape land of skyscrapers and asphalt to learn that the city even has an EMS store, let alone two (one in Soho and one on the Upper West Side). But even we city dogs like to explore the great outdoors, whether within city limits or in nearby areas. And when we do, we and our People need the right gear.

I was doing just that kind of urban exploring one afternoon last week in Central Park. The day was beautiful, crisp, and sunny, and the Bridle Path was just muddy enough for me to kick up satisfying clumps of dirt. A host of intriguing odors greeted me as we meandered through the park—not just dog pee, but decaying leaves, damp grass, horse manure, and the recently deposited sweat of more than fifty thousand marathoners. My friends, it was a delicious afternoon.  After a long romp, the Lady and I finally headed west to EMS in order to peruse their wares.

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