Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park

The last couple of days, it has finally been warm enough for me to leave the building without my coat! To take advantage of yesterday’s fine weather, the Lady and I paid a visit to Madison Square Park. Located just north of the famous Flatiron Building, this park is usually suffused with the smell of grilled hamburgers from the original Shake Shack (the Lady says she remembers when Shake Shack was just a hot-dog cart in this park). But with the restaurant closed for renovations, the air was crisp and hamburger-free for our visit. Continue reading

My 5 Favorite New Yorkers: March 2015


The fifth day of the month means it’s time for my 5 Favorite New Yorkers.

As always, choices are based on this dog’s opinion of each candidate’s dog friendliness, animal advocacy, good-eggishness, and general New Yorkitude. Honorees may be humans, animals, or institutions.

In no particular order and without further ado…

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My 5 Favorite New Yorkers: February


It’s that time again! Today, I present my 5 Favorite New Yorkers of February. The fact that this month is shorter than the others doesn’t mean it is any less of an honor to be chosen.

These choices are based on this dog’s opinion of each candidate’s dog friendliness, animal advocacy, good-eggishness, and general New Yorkitude. Honorees may be humans, animals, or institutions.

In no particular order and without further ado…

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Albert the Dog at JackRabbit

Review: JackRabbit Sports





My People and I have different notions of what “running” means. The Lady’s concept of running is going straight from point A to point B without stopping to look at or smell anything. I don’t think She truly enjoys running, but it is exercise, and it is free, so She does it now and then.

In the early days of our relationship, I used to try to accompany Her, thinking that maybe I could teach her to enjoy running more. Unfortunately, she did not go fast enough for me and proved unable to adapt to my program: Continue reading


Can Anyone Introduce Me to a Donkey?

After all that panic, we really did not get that much snow in the city. As you can see, I was able to take my morning constitutional without risk of being buried in a 3-foot snowbank. But I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry. It seems that Massachusetts is bearing the brunt of the storm along with possible flooding.

The streets were very quiet this morning, with only my fellow dogs and their humans out and very few vehicles on the avenues. I was able to walk down the middle of the empty streets. It’s still quite cold and windy, so I’ll be inside most of the day.

Meanwhile, I was interested to hear about how scientists are paying more attention to examples of cross-species animal friendships. The article, from the New York Times, includes a charming video compilation of pig-cat, goat-donkey, dog-cheetah, and many other unlikely friendships.

Is this cross-species harmony a harbinger of a new development in animal behavior? As the article points out, these relationships all occur in “human-controlled environments,” not in the wild, so any scientist human studying them must consider that context.

It is not too easy for me to strike up relationships with other species, as there are not many opportunities for me to befriend a donkey or a cheetah in Manhattan. So far, my only friends are other dogs and humans. Perhaps I can find a kindred spirit among the rat population of New York.

Readers, do your animal companions have friends of different species?


Here Comes the Snow

Union Square this morning

Union Square this morning

The northeastern U.S.A. is bracing itself for a big snowstorm. It’s already snowing as of this morning here in New York, and the meteorologist humans predict we will have from 1-2 feet of snow. This is a good time to remind you that I am only 13 inches tall. Although I have a rather large vocabulary for a dog, I simply do not have words to express my trepidation about what may greet me when I step outside tomorrow morning.

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Albert the dog


I miss my People when they are gone—not only because I can’t reach the treat jar by myself, but maybe because I’ve already been given up once. I will always harbor a fear of abandonment, though it has diminished a little over time. Still, when they leave me alone, I am less likely to go to my Cozy Cave than I am to curl up on an article of clothing they’ve left lying around.

The Lady tells me the Cozy Cave cost a lot, while the sweatshirt was a free gift that came with her checking account. But the sweatshirt smells of Her  (as the Guy’s gym shirts smell of Him), and that makes me feel safer when I’m here alone and the fear of being left forever threatens to overcome me. At such times, these ordinary things comfort me a lot more than my expensive dog bed.

Albert at entrance

Earlier, I posted this picture and asked if you could identify the memorial in New York where it was taken.

Reader katrinatennis wins a copy of Good Dog for correctly identifying it  Continue reading


A Visit to the Dog Run

When it’s winter in New York, it often feels colder than the actual temperature, because our humans can’t just rush to their cars and turn on the heater. They actually have to walk for blocks with the frigid wind coming in off the river and the canyons of tall buildings creating wind tunnels that and make their eyes water.

It was pretty cold last week, so our usual long walks were curtailed, and I didn’t get to explore the city as much as I usually do. Instead, I retreated to my Cozy Cave, emerging occasionally for some indoor exercise with my toys or with the tennis ball game (if you haven’t seen that post and you need a new indoor game for rainy days, you may find it pertinent).

But last Thursday, we had a respite from the dreary weather. It was still chilly, but at least the sun was bright and skies were clear. The Lady and I took the opportunity to take some outdoor exercise and paid a visit to the Chelsea Waterside Dog Run. Continue reading