My 5 Favorite New Yorkers: June


It’s time once again for my favorite New Yorkers of the month.

These choices are based on this dog’s opinion of each candidate’s dog friendliness, animal advocacy, good-eggishness, and general New Yorkitude. Honorees may be humans, animals, or institutions.

In no particular order and without further ado…

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Albert the Dog at Pier 54

Where in New York Am I?: Peering into the Past

As we strolled up the Hudson River Park the other day, the Lady and I passed a Department of Sanitation depot south of 14th Street. I would have loved to investigate the intriguing odors emanating from the garbage trucks, but the Lady insisted we hurry along (She does not share my fascination with garbage smells). Next door, we encountered this rusting steel arch fronting a disused pier.

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Albert at Whisk

Review: Whisk

TREATS:  3 out of 4


Last week, the Lady and I ventured out on a quest. Sadly, it was not a quest to get me more bully sticks but rather to find a springform pan. I had no idea what that was, but the Lady said that it was a special kind of cake pan She wants to use for our friend Lili’s Tres Leches cake challenge. She had such a pan many years ago but jettisoned it along with other baking supplies when She moved to a tiny New York kitchen. But bit by bit, some of these baking tools have crept back into our kitchen.

Whisk exterior

Our mission took us to Whisk, a kitchenware shop in the Flatiron District, just a block away from Madison Square Park. Upon entering, we were greeted by a friendly Whisk human who asked the Lady if I would like a treat. Impressed with this prompt service, I immediately sat, ready for a biscuit. Then the Lady pulled a trick so dastardly I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

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Dog Art

Questions from a Dog: An Interview with a Pigeon

Albert the Dog

Edward R. Murrow was often photographed with cigarette in hand. I prefer a bully stick.

With so many of us jostling for limited space, New Yorkers can be a fractious bunch. In the interest of promoting  a more cooperative approach to city living, the Lady suggested I set aside my vicious impulses and try to learn something about one of my frequent combatants: the New York City pigeon.

Lester, seen above, belongs to a pack flock of pigeons who frequent downtown Manhattan.  I interviewed him at his favorite haunt in Union Square. His manners are a little rough around the edges, but not without a certain streetwise panache. Lester had some understandable trepidation at the start of our conversation, but by the end, we reached a point of mutual respect, if not actual friendship.
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