Odds & Ends

Hello, readers. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whatever holiday it is you celebrate. I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. As you can see, I’ve been preoccupied with one of my gifts:


So I have some odds and ends to update here today.

NYC Christmas Trees

We didn’t have a Christmas tree in our abode, but I have once again observed the curious annual tradition of the coming and going of the trees in New York. Sometime after Thanksgiving, tree vendors pop up along sidewalks throughout the city, and the usual odors of garbage, hotdog water, Subway sandwich bread fumes, and pee (both human and canine) are replaced here and there with a clean, woodsy scent. According to The New York Historical Society, the first tree Christmas tree vendor came to the city in 1851:


It’s all very festive and merry, right up until Christmas Eve. Continue reading