You Named My Hedgehog!

Last week, I asked you to help me pick a name for my new hedgehog toy (a surprise gift from a generous human). And my readers certainly came through for me! We received 14 suggestions in the comments and one suggestion via Instagram. Among the entries were literary references, nods to pop culture, French vocabulary, and a variety of alliterative and onomatopoetic ideas, which confirms my suspicion that my readers are quite a cultured group of wordsmiths.

I was tempted to combine a couple of the suggestions: Continue reading



The name my People gave me, Albert, is one I share with several humans—among them various monarchs and a genius. I consider it a highly dignified and thus suitable moniker.

Yet, having chosen such an appropriate name, my People and other humans I know can’t resist saddling me with more than a dozen additional nicknames. Some of these really show considerable lack of respect, I must say. But what is a dog to do? The names they choose to call me probably say more about them than me.

A question for my fellow domesticated animals and their people: How many nicknames do you have? Do certain humans have a special name for you that only they use? Let me know in the comments.

A reminder: Have you deduced the name of my houseguest yet? Entries will be accepted by e-mail until 10 PM EST on Monday the 22nd.