Music to Chew On

My People’s taste in music is eclectic. The Lady has a little more Bach on her listening device, while the Guy has more Beastie Boys, but they both have playlists that run the gamut from Arvo Pärt to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their soundtracks vary with their moods and activities, and they seem to have music for every occasion: Running demands something up-tempo and catchy, a cocktail party calls for jazz and old standards, and cleaning the living room might mean cranking up Sharon Jones.

I pay little attention to most of their music, the same way I pay little attention to the words coming out of their mouths unless they contain my name or a command (my People would say I sometimes pay little attention to the commands). But sometimes, I lie down with my ears trained towards the speakers and listen closely to the sounds coming out of them. At other times, a piece of music starts up, and I withdraw to another room.

When we dogs listen to our humans’ music, what exactly do we hear? Do we enjoy your music the way you do?

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