Albert the Dog at the Salty Paw

Review: The Salty Paw

TREATS:  4 out of 4


Two years ago, when Hurricane Sandy landed on the Eastern Seaboard, the South Street Seaport area was one of those most badly hit. It’s still recovering, but a lot of the businesses have been back up and running for over a year now. We dogs can be thankful that among those is The Salty Paw, which the Lady and I visited last weekend.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a cheerful Salty Paw human, who asked if we were there for a grooming appointment. I began to tremble as it occurred to me that perhaps the Lady had lured me here for a surprise bath or one of the grooming spa’s famous color treatments. (I’m not sure what to think about those, by the way. I suppose some dogs are delighted to strut their hot pink stuff, but in my case, I feel that it would be gilding the lily. Don’t you agree?)

Thankfully, the Lady explained that we were there merely to browse (and secretly gather material for my review, of course). I was graciously offered an amuse-bouche and invited to peruse the wares. And it was then that I discovered what distinguishes this cozy shop from its pet-supply competition.

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