Albert the Dog toy

A Visitor from Mars

Earlier this week, I had a very special visitor. My friend Ms. Jodi from Life in Between came all the way to New York just to see me!* Jodi comes from Mars, which is the fourth planet from the sun in Pennsylvania, a magical land where the woods are filled with delicious deer carcasses and the UPS man carries treats in his pocket.

As you can imagine, I was very eager to meet our esteemed visitor, so I was pulling on my leash as the Lady and I walked to her hotel. I recognized Ms. Jodi right away, and in my excitement, I’m afraid I may have forgotten my manners and jumped all over this pretty lady.

Jodi just happened to have a bag filled with chewy bacon treats when we met. To show my appreciation for this thoughtful gesture, I attempted to stick my entire face in the bag at once. But I was thwarted by the ever abstemious Lady, who insisted I get only one treat at a time. (Odd how Her abstemiousness seems to apply only to me and not to Her own diet. I am really growing a little weary of this constant diet-monitoring and am beginning to consider taking some sort of action. If any readers can offer me some legal advice, I would be most grateful.)

After showing our guest around the neighborhood, I retired for a brief nap, but not before Ms. Jodi surprised me with another lovely gift: a new toy staff member. I have found myself rather short-staffed in recent weeks, so this little orange fellow arrived just in time. As you can see, I put him through a rigorous training program:

You can see a picture of Jodi with me at her blog here. She has immediately jumped into my top favorite humans list, and is obviously my #1 favorite human in Pennsylvania. I am very much hoping to be able to pay a return visit to Mars someday.

I just have to start building my spaceship.


* The Lady says that Ms. Jodi actually came to the city for work and that I was just a side visit, but I really think She must be mistaken. After all, I am one of New York’s greatest attractions.