Sit and Deliver

Regular readers may remember my post about my new next-door neighbor, Angus, a Border Terrier puppy. He moved in about six weeks ago, and after some trepidation, I decided to accept my role as Angus’s teacher. I had visions of instructing my young charge in the customs of dogs and the ways of the city. In my mind’s eye, our exchanges would go something like this: Continue reading


Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park

The last couple of days, it has finally been warm enough for me to leave the building without my coat! To take advantage of yesterday’s fine weather, the Lady and I paid a visit to Madison Square Park. Located just north of the famous Flatiron Building, this park is usually suffused with the smell of grilled hamburgers from the original Shake Shack (the Lady says she remembers when Shake Shack was just a hot-dog cart in this park). But with the restaurant closed for renovations, the air was crisp and hamburger-free for our visit. Continue reading


An Orange Walk


During a daytime, winter walk in New York, only man-made objects enliven the pale blue, grey, and white palette with dashes of color. A red brick building in the afternoon sunlight takes on a burnt orange hue. After a romp in the snow, nothing is better than curling up in a warm alpaca blanket, a gift brought back from Peru by our houseguest Ginger‘s human.

Supposedly, the first day of spring is less than two weeks away. I do hope it arrives on time.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”

My 5 Favorite New Yorkers: March 2015


The fifth day of the month means it’s time for my 5 Favorite New Yorkers.

As always, choices are based on this dog’s opinion of each candidate’s dog friendliness, animal advocacy, good-eggishness, and general New Yorkitude. Honorees may be humans, animals, or institutions.

In no particular order and without further ado…

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