Albert the Dog at Pier 54

Where in New York Am I?: Peering into the Past

As we strolled up the Hudson River Park the other day, the Lady and I passed a Department of Sanitation depot south of 14th Street. I would have loved to investigate the intriguing odors emanating from the garbage trucks, but the Lady insisted we hurry along (She does not share my fascination with garbage smells). Next door, we encountered this rusting steel arch fronting a disused pier.

This pier, strewn with debris and currently occupied by construction vehicles, is connected with two major ship disasters.  Continue reading


A Visit to the Dog Run

When it’s winter in New York, it often feels colder than the actual temperature, because our humans can’t just rush to their cars and turn on the heater. They actually have to walk for blocks with the frigid wind coming in off the river and the canyons of tall buildings creating wind tunnels that and make their eyes water.

It was pretty cold last week, so our usual long walks were curtailed, and I didn’t get to explore the city as much as I usually do. Instead, I retreated to my Cozy Cave, emerging occasionally for some indoor exercise with my toys or with the tennis ball game (if you haven’t seen that post and you need a new indoor game for rainy days, you may find it pertinent).

But last Thursday, we had a respite from the dreary weather. It was still chilly, but at least the sun was bright and skies were clear. The Lady and I took the opportunity to take some outdoor exercise and paid a visit to the Chelsea Waterside Dog Run. Continue reading

Albert at dog-friendly Bed Bath & Beyond

Review: Bed, Bath & Beyond (or, A Supposedly Dog-Friendly Thing I’ll Never Do Again*)



In an earlier post, I looked at some of the indignities we dogs suffer in the name of love.  Lest my readers think that I am exempt from such treatment, let me confess: I, too, have endured occasional affronts to my honor committed by well-meaning humans.

On our walks, my People and I sometimes combine exercise with errands (not always—usually I lead them to just wander through the city like the flâneur I am).  Many of the businesses we visit signal their welcoming attitude with water bowls at their entrances and treat jars on the counter.  Other establishments clearly forbid dogs with stern signage. Occupying some strange middle ground is the home goods purgatory emporium known as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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