Questions from a Dog: An Interview with a Pigeon

Albert the Dog

Edward R. Murrow was often photographed with cigarette in hand. I prefer a bully stick.

With so many of us jostling for limited space, New Yorkers can be a fractious bunch. In the interest of promoting  a more cooperative approach to city living, the Lady suggested I set aside my vicious impulses and try to learn something about one of my frequent combatants: the New York City pigeon.

Lester, seen above, belongs to a pack flock of pigeons who frequent downtown Manhattan.  I interviewed him at his favorite haunt in Union Square. His manners are a little rough around the edges, but not without a certain streetwise panache. Lester had some understandable trepidation at the start of our conversation, but by the end, we reached a point of mutual respect, if not actual friendship.
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