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About Awards

After much dithering and dawdling, my amanuensis has finally decided that this blog will be an awards-free zone. I suggested She made this choice in order to spend more eating bon-bons, but She assures me it is because She wants to spend more time trying to find ways to earn an actual living with which to buy me treats. How can I argue with that?

In truth, we are not totally comfortable with the awards requirements and are rather unused to accepting awards, given that neither I nor my People have ever won anything, not even a church raffle.

That said, I do want to thank those kind humans and animals who have nominated me for various awards. I am sorry we are unable to complete the requirements to accept the awards, but we do appreciate the consideration. So, in roughly chronological order, thank you to:

  • Charlie, whose blog The Universe According to Charlie bills itself as “Tales of a Harry Potter obsessed, Disney referencing 10-year-old,” although it actually covers quite a bit more than that, and he’s had a birthday, so Charlie is not even 10 any more.
  • Sue Archer writes about communication with a sci-fi/fantasy twist on her blog Doorway Between Worlds . She explains your strange human English language with verve, creativity, and humor.
  • Kona is a handsome dog whose undignified nickname, Mister Baloney Head, is also the name of his blog, where you can read both his musings and dispatches from his dear human, Lori.
  • Arundhati has insights that belie her years, and she writes with sensitivity about her expat experiences in Qatar on her blog, Sandcastle.
  • Yuvathi, an engineer with a literary bent, calls herself The Confused Young Adult. In my experience, humans who are willing to admit they are confused are far superior to those who claim to know everything.
  • Creekview Carol is a cat who chronicles the dramatic events of her multi-animal, multi-human household with a scholar’s eye and an admirable supply of patience.
  • Osyth lives in and blogs from the South of France and shares her stories and beautiful photos are full of wisdom and literary reference. Her dog, The Bean, makes occasional appearances. The Lady wants to mention that AutoCorrect tried to change Osyth’s name to Oyster, which we’re sure bears some cosmic significance.

I do sniff out other blogs on a regular basis and greatly enjoy discovering new ones. Though I’m not participating in the awards requirements, you can always see my blogroll of dog/animal blogs and human writings in the left column (if you are on a desktop) or under the gear symbol (on a tablet or mobile). Do visit these fine bloggers—they are a motley crew in the sense that their voices and topics are disparate but they are no way ragtag.



While I am reluctant to accept blog awards, I have no qualms about receiving kind comments (or any sort of comments, really). I have mentioned before that comments are like treats to me: delicious, mouth-watering digital treats. When people leave really generous praise, it’s like a treat and a belly rub. Here are a few of my favorite blurbs that have arrived via the comments or e-mail:

“First when I visited this blog all I said was ‘WTF’ as I was .. well .. befuddled. I apologize of course as now I understand what it is all about and your blog is wonderful.”


“Albert’s writing brings into stark relief the existential joys and sorrows of life itself.”

-Some Guy named Adam

“Not since reading Archie and Mehitabel, have I enjoyed such interesting and well-phrased interspecies communication.”

-David Tripp

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