While my canine communication is conducted through NTBC* or pee mail, I understand that my human admirers can’t use such sophisticated techniques.

I welcome comments here or on any of my posts. You may also keep in touch with me on Twitter. If you prefer more private means of contact, please e-mail me using the form below or to

*Nose to Bottom Contact


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Angela Kiely says:

    We are sitting watching the tennis at the moment, Markova and Halep have just started playing, we are learning a lot since our humans followed you on Twitter, things like you have to wear shoes in something called snow, one of our humans has been to NY and seen this, we have coats in the winter but live 500 feet from the bay and we think it’s freezing when it’s 40f. If we are lucky our human will take us for a walk on the beach today, and we might see some Pelicans, they are fascinating! Our other human Jen flew to Perth Western Australia today (5 hours away) to see her daughter it is 102 F today, a bit too hot for us! Have a good day! Bibi & Billi

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    • Hello Bibi & Billi, thank you for visiting my blog. Australia sounds very exotic! I have only seen pelicans in photos, but my People have seen them down in Florida (I don’t know if they are the same as your Australian pelicans). They sound very interesting! I wish I had a giant pouch to keep fish in; that would be very useful.

      I am on the sofa now with my People watching Mr. Rafa and Mr. Tomas. I hope I can stay up until the end, but we are on the other side of the world, and it is getting late here. Hope you enjoy the beach!


  2. Rolland Hemphill says:

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