New Year’s Resolutions

Humans have a strange tendency to make resolutions that they can’t keep. I, on the other hand, am only going to promise myself to improve things I know are achievable.

1. Smell something interesting every day.

Even well-known haunts, like the fire hydrant at the corner, offer something new if you just approach them with the right frame of mind.

2. Get enough sleep.

This will not be a problem, as long as I don’t have any more houseguests.

3. Be nice to the neighbors.

I am already quite friendly towards all my human neighbors and almost all of my canine neighbors (even the ones who are not so nice to me). But rumor has it that a new puppy may soon arrive next door. This may test my patience; puppies are often inadvertently rude and impertinent, and I have delicate sensibilities.

When I first arrived here, there was a senior Border Terrier living next door. She was always quite patient with me, even in my early days, when I was still a rather harum-scarum young dog who had yet to learn city manners. As the years passed, she began to walk more slowly, and then she started to have trouble with her vision. But she would perk up when she heard a certain beloved voice or smelled a certain special smell, and she’d get a little bounce in her aged step.

After quite a long illness, she died earlier this year, and I’ve been the only dog on the floor since then. But the mourning period has passed, and it sounds likely that I’ll soon have one of these as a neighbor. If so, I’ll do my best to return the favor to my late, venerable neighbor by tolerating the young pup’s energy with patience and good humor.

4. Have my Secretary tidy up the blog

This is more for Her than for me, but we’ll be using the break this weekend to update some of our links, tidy up tags, and possibly even re-visit our look here. We may return looking a little sleeker and slimmed-down next year. Stay tuned.

That’s it for me. What are your resolutions? Do you think you’ll keep them?

Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2015!


Odds & Ends

Hello, readers. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whatever holiday it is you celebrate. I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. As you can see, I’ve been preoccupied with one of my gifts:


So I have some odds and ends to update here today.

NYC Christmas Trees

We didn’t have a Christmas tree in our abode, but I have once again observed the curious annual tradition of the coming and going of the trees in New York. Sometime after Thanksgiving, tree vendors pop up along sidewalks throughout the city, and the usual odors of garbage, hotdog water, Subway sandwich bread fumes, and pee (both human and canine) are replaced here and there with a clean, woodsy scent. According to The New York Historical Society, the first tree Christmas tree vendor came to the city in 1851:


It’s all very festive and merry, right up until Christmas Eve. Continue reading

Greatest Hits

Hello to the new readers who have taken an enough of an interest in my wanderings and musings to follow me. In case you missed them, here are five posts that will give you a good introduction to who I am (for those who’ve seen these already, apologies for the horn-tooting):

Wishing a happy and peaceful weekend to all,


Albert’s Holiday Gift Guide

Albert the Dog with Gifts

I am here to guide you.

There are far too many gift guides out there already, so why, pray tell, do I feel the need to offer one here? No good reason, I’m afraid, but I can’t resist sharing my dog and/or New York-related choices with you. I can promise you that my People and I get no financial reward from my recommendations, and I have checked out almost all of these products myself. As such, you’ll see that some of these might be better for small dogs like me than for the big guys. Of course, many of these are for the dog-loving humans you know. Continue reading


Friday Links

Hello readers,

I’ve now been in blogland one month! To celebrate, here are a few links for your dog-related weekend reading:

  • Help the Cute: My human writer digital friend Mr. Iain wrote a brief post about two worthy organizations in Sri Lanka that help four-legged creatures, one for elephants and one for street dogs. I have never met an elephant, but I am sure that if I did, we would get along. And I know that I wouldn’t want to be living on the street, so I am glad to know these people are helping my Sri Lankan cousins.
  • Know a Breed — The Rat Terrier: Paw Print Diary has an introduction to the Rat Terrier. Sometimes people on the street declare with great confidence that they can see I am part Rat Terrier. However, I have no interest in hunting, killing, or consorting with rats. Which is a pity, because we certainly have an abundance of them in New York.
  • White Rodent Finds Fame on the Great White Way: Not only is this rat a Broadway star, she also shares a dressing room with a dog. Don’t let the Rat Terriers find out about this!

Sergeant Stubby

My People tell me there have been a lot of mentions today of Sergeant Stubby, the dog hero of the First World War.  This article from earlier this year is worth revisiting:

On July 6, 1921, a curious gathering took place at the State, War, and Navy Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. The occasion was a ceremony honoring veterans of the 102nd Infantry of the American Expeditionary Forces’ 26th “Yankee” Division, who had seen action in France during the Great War. The hall was packed with dozens of members of the 102nd—field clerks, infantrymen, generals—but one soldier in particular commanded the spotlight. The attention seemed to bother him; the New York Times reported that the soldier was “a trifle gun shy, and showed some symptoms of nervous excitement.” When photographers snapped his picture, he flinched.

Read the full article: Dogs of war: Sergeant Stubby, the U.S. Army’s original and still most highly decorated canine soldier..

Well, hello there.


Albert the Dog in New York

My name is Albert.  You can read a little more about me here.

Welcome to my little blog.  I will use it to review various places in New York (mainly Manhattan) from one dog’s perspective.  Occasionally, I’ll share my canine musings and opinions.  I’ll update this blog weekly.  If you can’t bear to hear from me that seldom, you may also follow me on Twitter (@albertthedognyc).

I look forward to exploring the city with you.