What Have I Been Up To?

Hello, everyone. I have been a little quiet lately. I was busy taking care of my People while they were under the weather. Fortunately, my stomach has been perfectly healthy, enabling me to eat as many treats as possible. I have even been indulging in the occasional green bean lately—quite a refreshing snack in warm weather!

In addition to dealing with Her unfortunate bout of illness, my secretary recently enrolled in a full-time course for the summer and has been very engaged with the assigned pre-work. So I am sorry to say that She has been neglecting her blog duties and has not been very attentive to my correspondence either.

If She were not the one who controlled my food supply, I would probably dismiss Her, but as it is, we will have to reach some kind of compromise. What this means is that I will be posting a little less frequently, and I may not be able to comment as often or at length, but as always, I will continue to visit my fellow bloggers and delight in reading their posts.

In other news, my recommendation of Peggy Gavan’s diverting local animal blog, The Hatching Cat, was picked up by the New York media blog FishbowlNY in a post entitled “Albert the Dog Picks Up Newsweek Scent.” FishbowlNY, according to its own description, “covers the pulse of New York media. For more than 10 years, our reporters and editors have covered the shifting landscape in the media capital of the world.” I guess this means that Ms. Peggy and I are considered part of the New York media landscape! I assume that I will now be invited to all sorts of fancy media cocktail parties where I can eat a lot of chicken satay and other hors d’oeuvres while rubbing shoulders with Charlie Rose and Anna Wintour.

I’ll be back on Monday with a slightly belated 5 Favorite New Yorkers for June. Until then, enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Albert the Dog toy

A Visitor from Mars

Earlier this week, I had a very special visitor. My friend Ms. Jodi from Life in Between came all the way to New York just to see me!* Jodi comes from Mars, which is the fourth planet from the sun in Pennsylvania, a magical land where the woods are filled with delicious deer carcasses and the UPS man carries treats in his pocket.

As you can imagine, I was very eager to meet our esteemed visitor, so I was pulling on my leash as the Lady and I walked to her hotel. I recognized Ms. Jodi right away, and in my excitement, I’m afraid I may have forgotten my manners and jumped all over this pretty lady.

Jodi just happened to have a bag filled with chewy bacon treats when we met. To show my appreciation for this thoughtful gesture, I attempted to stick my entire face in the bag at once. But I was thwarted by the ever abstemious Lady, who insisted I get only one treat at a time. (Odd how Her abstemiousness seems to apply only to me and not to Her own diet. I am really growing a little weary of this constant diet-monitoring and am beginning to consider taking some sort of action. If any readers can offer me some legal advice, I would be most grateful.)

After showing our guest around the neighborhood, I retired for a brief nap, but not before Ms. Jodi surprised me with another lovely gift: a new toy staff member. I have found myself rather short-staffed in recent weeks, so this little orange fellow arrived just in time. As you can see, I put him through a rigorous training program:

You can see a picture of Jodi with me at her blog here. She has immediately jumped into my top favorite humans list, and is obviously my #1 favorite human in Pennsylvania. I am very much hoping to be able to pay a return visit to Mars someday.

I just have to start building my spaceship.


* The Lady says that Ms. Jodi actually came to the city for work and that I was just a side visit, but I really think She must be mistaken. After all, I am one of New York’s greatest attractions.


An Orange Walk


During a daytime, winter walk in New York, only man-made objects enliven the pale blue, grey, and white palette with dashes of color. A red brick building in the afternoon sunlight takes on a burnt orange hue. After a romp in the snow, nothing is better than curling up in a warm alpaca blanket, a gift brought back from Peru by our houseguest Ginger‘s human.

Supposedly, the first day of spring is less than two weeks away. I do hope it arrives on time.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”


Four Valentines

My People, being the unsentimental sort, do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, I am much more comfortable expressing my emotions than they, so today I have four valentines to share with my four beloveds.

My People: This list is in no particular order, but I have to put my People first because I fear they will cut off my food supply if I don’t. My new blogging friend Ms. Sandee has issued a “Traditional Fairy Tale Takedown Challenge” (do visit her and write your own!). I think this challenge offers the perfect valentine for my People:

Valentine from a dog

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Here Comes the Snow

Union Square this morning

Union Square this morning

The northeastern U.S.A. is bracing itself for a big snowstorm. It’s already snowing as of this morning here in New York, and the meteorologist humans predict we will have from 1-2 feet of snow. This is a good time to remind you that I am only 13 inches tall. Although I have a rather large vocabulary for a dog, I simply do not have words to express my trepidation about what may greet me when I step outside tomorrow morning.

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