Review: bookbook

TREATS:  3 out of 4


As a dog, my feelings about books are mixed. As I see it, they have the potential to distract humans from things they should be doing: paying attention to me, playing with me, or giving me treats. But the other day I realized that reading, as long as the book is small and lightweight, still leaves my People a hand free to scratch my ears. Thus, I have decided that book-reading trumps other human pastimes such as playing video games, knitting, or going to spinning classes.

Moreover, when my People need to get a book, they tend to go to an actual bookstore, which gives me the opportunity to accompany them, explore the city, and, if I’m lucky, sample some treats. Although I am told New York does not have as many bookstores as it once had, the ones that remain by and large tend to welcome well-mannered dogs.



Last weekend, the Lady and I ducked out of the rain to browse the shelves at bookbook, an independent bookstore in Greenwich Village.

The store used to be called Biography Books and was located further west on Bleecker Street, but the owners had to move after 26 years due to rising rents. That all happened before I came to New York, so I never had the chance to smell the store in its Biography days. Personally, I can’t imagine a better location than their current address, where the air is perfumed with the delicious scents of the neighboring Murray’s Cheese, Faicco’s Italian Specialties, and Amy’s Bread.

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