Educating Angus

I have a new neighbor.

His name is Angus. He is a nine-week-old Border Terrier.

Rumors of the potential arrival of a new neighbor were circling a couple of months ago. As some of you may recall, I vowed as part of my New Year’s resolutions to treat my new neighbor with “patience and good humor.”

I have been having trouble keeping this resolution.

This lap is mine and you will never have it, puppy.

This lap is mine and you will never have it, puppy.

I had heard the wee fellow whining a few times when he arrived last week, and later I heard him scampering about in the hallway. I alerted my People to these worrisome sounds, but they showed little concern.

Our human neighbor, Angus’s guy, is an big-hearted optimist who wants me to be friends with young Angus. So on Thursday night, we finally met face to face.

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Book Review: Shake Puppies

Today, I’m introducing a new feature here on Albert’s New York: book reviews.  Books are objects that distract humans from playing with, giving treats to, or rubbing the bellies of their dogs. So, generally speaking, I’m against them. However, some books are useful:  Those that help humans understand dogs, those that train humans to live with their dogs, and those that contain pictures of dogs. These are the kinds of books that I will occasionally consider here.

Disclosure: I know some humans at HarperCollins, and they sent me a book, Shake Puppies, in the hopes that I would review it.* The fact that they gave me a copy did not influence my opinion of this book.

Herewith, my appraisal:


Shake Puppies by Carli Davidson

Not an instruction manual.

The first important thing I have to tell you about Shake Puppies is that the title is NOT a command. Humans, please do not shake any puppies. Like human babies, puppies are fragile and must be handled gently.

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