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How to Help Your Human Bake a Cake: A Guide for Dogs

I am an expert sous-chef, but I have little experience in the dessert realm. But what kind of chihuahua-terrier-Dalmatian-Pekingese hybrid would I be were I to quake in the presence of a few eggs, flour, and sugar?

When the Lady announced Her plan to participate in our friend Lili’s Tres Leches Challenge, I knew I would be a vital part of the cake-making team. It was quite a learning experience for me (I seem to be having a lot of new experiences lately), and I hope my newly acquired knowledge will demystify the baking process for any dogs who, like me, have little acquaintance with the pastry arts.  Continue reading

How to Be a Gracious Host When Houseguests Come to Stay

At this time of year, some of us will be welcoming houseguests into our homes for the holidays. While there are many articles offering tips and hints about being a host, most of them are meant for humans. Moreover, they tend to focus on superficial niceties like setting out clean towels and fresh flowers for your overnight visitor. That’s all well and good, but as a canine host, I have somewhat different concerns.

What follows will help my fellow dogs make their houseguests’ stay as memorable as can be. Given my vast experience,* I daresay even my human readers will find some of these tips useful.

Albert the Dog in New York

So they tell me.

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