Dog Art

A Visit to Mark Miller Gallery

As regular readers may have noticed, I have been doing quite a bit of art appreciation lately. Over the weekend, I attended my very first art opening! I asked the Lady whether I should perhaps wear a distinctive pair of glasses or a bow tie to better fit in with the downtown gallery scene, but She said that my red harness was jaunty enough as is.

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Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park

The last couple of days, it has finally been warm enough for me to leave the building without my coat! To take advantage of yesterday’s fine weather, the Lady and I paid a visit to Madison Square Park. Located just north of the famous Flatiron Building, this park is usually suffused with the smell of grilled hamburgers from the original Shake Shack (the Lady says she remembers when Shake Shack was just a hot-dog cart in this park). But with the restaurant closed for renovations, the air was crisp and hamburger-free for our visit. Continue reading