My 5 Favorite New Yorkers: June


It’s time once again for my favorite New Yorkers of the month.

These choices are based on this dog’s opinion of each candidate’s dog friendliness, animal advocacy, good-eggishness, and general New Yorkitude. Honorees may be humans, animals, or institutions.

In no particular order and without further ado…

Albert the Dog’s 5 Favorite New Yorkers for June 2015

1. A Fair Shake: Profiled recently in the Daily News, A Fair Shake for Youth is a program that brings therapy dogs to local middle-school classrooms in underserved areas to help kids learn about compassion and empathy. I am sure these dogs enjoy their work, and judging by this video produced by the program, the kids appreciate these lessons (sure beats algebra!):

For more, check out the NY Daily News article or the Fair Shake website.

2. Christine Lavin: A bit of background, first: The New York State Assembly is currently reviewing a proposal that would allow dogs in outdoor spaces of restaurants (it already passed in the State Senate). This proposal has engendered a great deal of controversy among the commentariat of various New York news websites and blogs, with strong feelings on both the pro- and anti-dog sides.

Into the fray of the New York TimesLetter to the Editor” section rides one Christine Lavin, who identifies herself as a musician and a night owl. In all honesty, I haven’t the slightest idea what Ms. Christine’s music sounds like, but I must recognize—nay, applaud—the audaciously novel argument she presents on behalf of dogs and their humans. She writes: “I feel strongly that it is dog owners who help make this city safer because they are out at all hours walking their precious pooches.” She even goes one step further, proposing a tax break for dog owners in recognition of their public safety service. Brava, Ms. Christine, brava! Her brilliant letter is available here.

3. A Dog to Be Named Later?: From Entertainment Weekly comes the news that A.R. Gurney’s play Sylvia, first produced in 1995, is headed to Broadway this fall. The play, according to the item, “centers around a middle-aged New York couple whose lives are turned upside down when the husband brings home a very engaging dog he found in the park.” Strangely, though the article lists all the human cast members, there is no mention of who will play the most important part. I assume this means that it has yet to be cast. The Great White Way beckons! Where is my agent?

Photo credit: Governors Island

Photo credit: Governors Island

4. Max, the Goose-Chasing CollieDNA Info, as always leading the way in New York dog news, brings us a charming and informative profile of Max, a Border Collie who is employed on Governors Island to keep flocks of Canada geese from destroying the park. When he’s not busy chasing geese (without, it must be said, harming them), this handsome fellow meets and greets the public. If you happen to visit New York during the summer, Governors Island is definitely worth a visit. I have not been there, but my People tell me there are events and exhibits and beautiful views of Lower Manhattan. Now there’s also the added attraction of Max. You can read all about him and see a video of him at work at DNA Info.

5. Patricia Clarkson:

There you have it! If you have nominations for July, please let me know in the comments or by e-mail.

Clarkson photo credit: D. Shankbone, Wikipedia Commons 


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