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TREATS:  3 out of 4


Last week, the Lady and I ventured out on a quest. Sadly, it was not a quest to get me more bully sticks but rather to find a springform pan. I had no idea what that was, but the Lady said that it was a special kind of cake pan She wants to use for our friend Lili’s Tres Leches cake challenge. She had such a pan many years ago but jettisoned it along with other baking supplies when She moved to a tiny New York kitchen. But bit by bit, some of these baking tools have crept back into our kitchen.

Whisk exterior

Our mission took us to Whisk, a kitchenware shop in the Flatiron District, just a block away from Madison Square Park. Upon entering, we were greeted by a friendly Whisk human who asked the Lady if I would like a treat. Impressed with this prompt service, I immediately sat, ready for a biscuit. Then the Lady pulled a trick so dastardly I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

Why yes, I would love a treat. What excellent service!

Why yes, I would love a treat. What excellent service!

“Let’s wait until we’re leaving,” She said. “Otherwise, he’ll just want more.”

The Whisk human, presumably operating under the mistaken directive of “The customer is always right,” agreed to this preposterous and insulting proposal. Never mind that I, too, am a customer.

Albert the Dog at Whisk

What do you mean, “Wait until the end?”

Being a mature individual, I refrained from making a fuss. Instead, I helped the treacherous Lady in her search for more ways to betray me a springform pan. This took us some time because there was so much to see.

There is nothing that makes humans feel more superior than the rest of us mammals than taking a simple task—such as preparing and eating food—and needlessly complicating it. For example, this is my approach to preparing food:

  1. Find food
  2. Scarf down as much food as I can as quickly as possible*
  3. Find more food

Humans, by contrast, have developed a staggering number of ways to play with their food. I don’t really object to this, because if my People are cooking, there is a good chance something will be dropped on the floor for me to eat. But beyond the act of preparing daily meals, there is an entire industry devoted to talking about and writing about things to do with food. As if that weren’t enough, many humans on Instagram post nothing but pictures of their food, leading to an endless stream of avocado toast glamour shots. I have thought about hopping on this bandwagon, but I am not sure how compelling daily photos of Origen Six-Fish kibble would be to my followers.

Many of these food preparation techniques require specialized tools, contraptions, and gadgets. Though it is relatively small (and thankfully did not require me to be confined to a shopping cart), Whisk seemed to carry whatever a human who likes to cook might need. In its rustic and charming space we found everything from dish scrubbers to sushi knives, from tiffin carriers to a well-curated selection of cookbooks.

The Lady said it would be very easy to walk out of here with several bags worth of items, but She restrained herself. (However, there was a beautiful glazed blue tagine near the entrance that the Guy is welcome to purchase as a surprise gift anytime he wants.) The back of the shop is dedicated to baking supplies, with a wall of cookie cutters (which could also be used to make dog biscuits, ahem) and shelves full of colored sugars, sprinkles and other baking decorations. I am sure my friend Ms. Jodi at Life in Between could find something sweet to make with those.

Just browsing the many shapes of dog biscuit cutters.

Just browsing the many shapes of dog biscuit cutters.

Of course, this was where we found the springform pans. As soon as the Lady had chosen one, I decided to hustle her towards the checkout, lest she start dawdling over mini teak spoons or porcelain elephant creamers.

As the Lady paid for our purchases, I began to worry that the Whisk humans would have forgotten about me and my stomach.  But I had no need to worry. On our way out, I was rewarded with a biscuit, behind-the-ear scratches, and some lovely compliments.

Well-sated and in a generous mood, I chose to ignore the Lady’s smug expression. But I fear this new “wait until we leave” tactic is going to be Her modus operandi on future shopping expeditions. Counter-strategy suggestions, anyone?

Whisk has stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and online. The Manhattan store is located at 933 Broadway between 21st and 22nd Streets in the Flatiron District.

*Unlike my friend Walter, I do not understand the concept of delayed gratification.

Reviews are based on visits to the specific location listed at the time the review is posted.  Please note that businesses with multiple locations may often have differing policies regarding dogs depending on the individual locations.  We recommend that you call any store or business to check its dog policy before visiting.


23 thoughts on “Review: Whisk

  1. Oh Albert what a wonderful shop! You know I would likely want at least one of everything in that store. I’m so glad they were friendly to you!! You look so handsome as usual. thanks for the tour of that wonderful store. And please ask the lady to post pictures and the recipe of her cake. 😍

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  2. Hello, Albert, this is your friend, Walter. I wonder if the Lady saw my post? I don’t know if she reads blogs, but perhaps she saw my treatise on delayed gratification and is working to help teach you this acquired skill? If so, I apologize. While I personally believe in the benefits of mindfulness and patience, I also believe foremost in the canine’s right to self-determination. Perhaps I need to blog on this subject in a future post and hope the Lady reads it as well?

    Yes, that’s what I’ll do! Let me go ask Carol if she’ll put me on the schedule.

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    • Hello, Walter, thank you for your comment. The Lady definitely read your post, because She said how impressed she was with your willpower. But I don’t think her motivation in this case was just practical. 1) She wants me to keep my weight in a healthy range, and 2) Once I get one cookie, I cannot stop myself from wanting to eat ALL the cookies, so I keep trying to drag her back to the treat jar. Which, as you can imagine, makes it hard for her to browse.

      Nevertheless, the end result was that I had to wait to get a cookie, which was an unusual experience for me. I do look forward to reading your post on the subject. I have a lot to learn when it comes to this topic.

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  3. Bad! Bad Lady! Although, dear Albert, I fear you’d be fighting a losing battle against this new delayed gratification idea. Humans always win at such things. No matter, at least you had a nice day out and a tasty treat before you headed home. Living with people is always a compromise. But it’s worth it!

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    • It’s true that compromise is required. But I have some tricks, too. For one thing, I always remember which stores have treats, and I head straight to the treat jar when they do. So this strategy is only going to work when the Lady takes me to stores we haven’t visited before. And She thinks She’s so smart…

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  4. I know your were disappointed about the treat business – but, wow! you got to go shopping with your Lady! Mom usually keeps me at home! I’m going to make sure she calls a store first so I can go! ❤

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  5. Denise Meredith says:

    Bad, bad Lady saying that you could not have your treat – you should have had 2 one at the start of the shop and another at the end! I am surprised you were not tempted to cock your leg inappropriately near those springform pans but you are too gentlemanly for that. Fingers crossed that the Lady bakes you some yummy dog biscuits and in the meantime that any food item dropped on the floor is instantly snaffled by you.

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    • I like the way you think regarding treat distribution! And no, I would never mark indoors–I am quite fastidious when it comes to that, and I would not want to jeopardize my access to all these shops. Fortunately for me, some cheese fell on the floor last night. 🙂


  6. Hilarious post Albert!! 🙂
    And no, you can’t be waiting for treats like that… I know I would not appreciate having to wait for my cake! I can’t think strategy though… circus tricks and begging are just not cool and neither is wreaking havock in shops!! Meditation and patience yet again!?

    The shop looks great by the way, I love those kitchen shops. And the mini teak spoons are wonderful! I enjoyed following your links! 🙂

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  7. Oh and forgot to say thanks for the shout-out, and mentioning the tres leches cake challenge! Much appreciated and look forward to seeing your Lady’s cake now she has the mould! 🙂

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  8. I suggest having a treat before leaving, and then coming back in to the store so that you need to leave again. I am sure in this way you can collect multiple treats.

    It looks like a very welcoming establishment, although I must admit I am one of those people who only bakes simple things that can get thrown together in one bowl. I prefer the eating part.

    “Avocado toast glamour shots” is going to stay with me! 🙂

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    • Ms. Sue, that is a brilliant idea! Thank you. The Lady is usually a pretty simple baker, but this is a special baking project. I am hoping the added complexity will mean that more food gets dropped on the floor.

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