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A Visit to Mark Miller Gallery

As regular readers may have noticed, I have been doing quite a bit of art appreciation lately. Over the weekend, I attended my very first art opening! I asked the Lady whether I should perhaps wear a distinctive pair of glasses or a bow tie to better fit in with the downtown gallery scene, but She said that my red harness was jaunty enough as is.

On Sunday afternoon, the Mark Miller Gallery hosted a reception for the exhibition “Dogs and Cats: 21 Artists Unleashed and on the Prowl,” which features contemporary art that “taps into the feelings and attitudes inspired by our pets in order to reveal something about ourselves,” according to the gallery.

The best about the reception, at least in my opinion, was that pets were invited! Several dogs mingled among the humans, gazing at the artwork and sniffing each other out. The gallery made water bowls and a generous supply of biscuits available for our refreshment. Even better, some adoptable animals from the Humane Society of New York were there to meet and greet and, one hopes, find a home. The gallery is also donating 10% of art sales from the exhibition to the Humane Society.

Many of the works on display are humorous or charming; others are more poignant. There are paintings and drawings in various media as well as some sculpture, and subjects include both dogs and cats (I think I even spotted a drawing of a bird). It was a bit crowded in the small gallery space, so the Lady did not get many photos, but you can see more of the artwork at the gallery’s website.

Nancy Grimes, Their Master's Shoes. Oil on Canvas.

Nancy Grimes, Their Master’s Shoes. Oil on Canvas.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and hope that more institutions will open their doors to canine art enthusiasts. By the way, if any up-and-coming artists are in search of a muse, I am always happy to sit.

“Dogs & Cats” runs through May 3rd at the Mark Miller Gallery, located at 92 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side.


22 thoughts on “A Visit to Mark Miller Gallery

  1. Good morning, Albert! I do suspect you are the most cultured dog I know! And still so delightfully humble!

    I followed the link to the gallery’s site. I think my favorite piece was Billie Maple’s dog sculpture –it seems to capture a moment of that high energy eagerness I have always enjoyed in creatures of the canine persuasion.

    I am glad The Lady is making sure you receive a well rounded education that includes the humanities. So many children are not nearly as fortunate since tight budgets have forced schools to do away with art and music education.

    You are one lucky (and good looking) dog!

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    • I like that sculpture, too! As you say, the energy is evident in the dog’s expression.

      You make a good point about arts education, Pickled Pastor. I don’t know why humans don’t value a well-rounded education more.

      I am very lucky indeed, and lucky to have such kind readers! 🙂

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  2. What a brilliant idea for an exhibition … we had a look at the website (thank you for being kind enough to include a link) and The Bean is rather upset by the work by Jon F Allen entitled ‘Trippin Chihuahua’ … she wishes it to be known that the only tripping she does is in a car!

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    • Oh, I hope The Bean does not take that too personally. That one is a bit…trippy. There were many other works on display in the gallery that were not on the website, some of which are no doubt more reflective of The Bean’s dignity and elegance.

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  3. OMG! How wonderful that pets were invited to this show, and that there were Humane Society residents who hopefully found forever homes. There are a few bars and restaurants with outdoor space that allow dogs here, but not nearly enough venues!
    I like the artwork too!

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  4. You are very fortunate to live in a city that offers well-catered cultural activities for dogs! Little Mom loves collecting art and visiting galleries. Though I can’t imagine her dragging one of our unruly furry beasts to an art opening! You are so much more civilized, Albert.

    I think Little Mom would like the painting by Nancy Grimes — its style reminds me of a book she has with art by someone named Tamara de Lempicka. I only noticed the book because it sits beside the coasters I like to knock down and hide while my moms are sleeping.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures. I may not get outside, but I can explore the world through your eyes!

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  5. Albert, your red harness is quite jaunty, and your Lady is quite right that you don’t need anything else to display how cultured you are. I am amazed but delighted to find out that there is an art gallery that allows dogs to visit. It sounds like they did everything right!

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  6. What a cultured dog you are Albert! I agree with the lady, I think you look very dashing in your red harness – and you’re very lucky that she takes you on these kinds of days out, it sounds like a lot of fun.
    I’m going to have to check out the gallery, that painting of the two dogs peeing on the man is quite funny!

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