Notice Anything Odd About These Pigeons?

Continuing on a theme, I once again present to you some pigeons. But there’s something unusual about these pigeons:

Pigeon art in Union SquareThese pigeons (and a few other birds) are the work of Tina Trachtenberg (a/k/a “Mother Pigeon”), who makes them out of fabric and wire. I must say I was a bit confused upon first encountering them.

But this pair of real pigeons who dropped by seemed right at home with their fabric flock, although perhaps they wondered why their companions weren’t faster at picking up seeds:

I didn’t see Lester today, but I wonder what he would make of these curious birds.


30 thoughts on “Notice Anything Odd About These Pigeons?

  1. My first thought: What’s wrong? They’re not running away! Much is now explained. 🙂 They look awesome. Good for you giving them the subtle side-eye there, Albert. Wouldn’t want to make them suspicious!

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  2. Hi Albert!

    I’d be curious as to what Lester would have to say as well. Please do ask him the next time you two cross paths.

    This is certainly an interesting art display. Although, if I was the creator, I would be concerned about those “real” pigeons. Where there are real pigeons, there is real pigeon poop … ‘nough said.

    It’s always a pleasure to find your posts in my Reader! I know you’re enjoying these warm(er) sunny days!

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    • Ha, ha, that is a funny thought. Although maybe pigeons don’t poop on each other, so they wouldn’t poop on a pretend pigeon? I will have to ask Lester what he thinks.

      Thank you for your kind words, Pickled Pastor. I definitely am enjoying this weather, as I know you are. The Guy even took me for a run this evening.

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  3. Robin says:

    Hey Albert! Not going to lie, for a few seconds (and before I read the full post) I thought those were some special breed of bug-eyed pigeons! They’re wonderful, and so is your expression.

    I’m glad you didn’t have any self-esteem issues when they didn’t run from you! 🙂

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  4. Even my trained birding eye didn’t catch the trick at first, Albert! The fact that the live pigeons did not run tells me that, after your interview with Lester, you’re making inroads with the pigeon community. If you keep this up, you may be a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. Do they give that to dogs?

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