Wordless Wednesday: Down by the River

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Down by the River

  1. Morning Albert, Archie took one look at this and said to me “What’s with you people always taking pictures of us!”. Well, let me tell you, as I explained to his lordship of the little legs, we love having pictures of out doggies, especially when they are as – and you won’t want to hear this… as cute as you guys are…! Lovely pictures Alberts owner, keep it up!

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    • Indeed! I did not realize that starting this blog would mean that my People would turn into paparazzi. “His lordship of the little legs” is a very dignified title for Archie.. 🙂


  2. Oh Albert, isn’t it wonderful to be outside again?! We’ve made it! Spring starts the day after tomorrow! Of course, there’s snow in the forecast, but that’s of no matter. The days are only going to get warmer and more beautiful thereafter. Happy day!!

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  3. You look like you had lots of fun in the sun!! It was warm here yesterday (cold again today) and I played outside for a long time with Bella and Toby. We even got to bark our heads off at a repairman. It was fun, fun, fun. Well, Toby got scared and mom put him inside – he’s a cat, after all. The warm sun will return! ❤ LadyBird

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