(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: The Little Flower

Fiorello La Guardia served three terms as mayor of New York. Only 5 feet (1.52 m) tall, he was nicknamed “The Little Flower.” You’ll find his name all over the city, from LaGuardia Place (the street where this statue is found) to LaGuardia airport to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts (a.k.a. the Fame school).


8 thoughts on “(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: The Little Flower

  1. Very interesting, Albert! A man of such stature being nicknamed “The Little Flower” makes me think my brother, Sherman, needs to relax about Little Mom calling him Shermie.

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    • Shermie is nothing! How would he like to be called Piglet, as I sometimes am?

      My secretary says that “The Little Flower” is actually the translation of “Fiorello” because “fiore” = flower and “-ello” is a suffix indicating smallness. So maybe it’s not so accurate to say that it was a nickname, but rather the meaning of his first name. But maybe an Italian-speaking human can clarify for us, because my secretary does not speak Italian, and I don’t understand it. Although I do like a little Parmagiano Reggiano now and then.

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      • Piglet!? Oh, Albert, that’s awful! I think you look absolutely perfect as you are! Take heart. I’ve seen my moms call Sherman “sausage-y” while they jiggle his tummy. That can’t help but get to him.

        Very interesting about Mayor La Guardia. If his first name truly translates to “The Little Flower,” I’ll bet he was teased mercilessly as a child. Humans can be terribly unkind.

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