You Named My Hedgehog!

Last week, I asked you to help me pick a name for my new hedgehog toy (a surprise gift from a generous human). And my readers certainly came through for me! We received 14 suggestions in the comments and one suggestion via Instagram. Among the entries were literary references, nods to pop culture, French vocabulary, and a variety of alliterative and onomatopoetic ideas, which confirms my suspicion that my readers are quite a cultured group of wordsmiths.

I was tempted to combine a couple of the suggestions:


But in the end, the Lady said we should stick to the plan and draw a name out of a hat. We didn’t have an appropriate hat, so we used a bowl instead.

And the winner is…

I can tell you right now that the Guy is going to have problems trying to pronounce this.

I can tell you right now that the Guy is going to have problems trying to pronounce this.

Thank you to The Pickled Pastor for submitting the winning name! I think Héri and I will have many adventures together. And a big thanks to everyone who submitted a suggestion.

Before I go, a quick Angus update: After a recent impromptu tutoring session, I realized that my young charge is not ready to progress to the second lesson and will need some remedial work on Lesson One: Get Out of My Face. He is a bit stubborn. More to come next week.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in the hedgehog name draw! This was a great deal of fun, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


12 thoughts on “You Named My Hedgehog!

    • Fortunately, Ms. Sabina, I don’t have to pronounce it, I just have to recognize the sound. The Pickled Pastor said the short version is pronounced like “airy,” although the Lady, who did French in high school, says the “r” sounds different in French.
      I predict that the Lady will pronounce this in as correct a French manner as she can muster, while the Guy will most likely call him “Harry,” because that’s the best he can do.
      In any event, he is a fun toy!

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  1. Here the Hedgehog, very cool. Archie wishes he could have a toy like that but he seems to always forget himself and begins shredding it into as many pieces as possible as soon as ones back is turned. Naughty little Archie, maybe you could educate him in the ways of Albert….

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  2. Cool name – and it is true the nearest pronunciation would be Airy but with the R swallowed and sort of choked on at the back of the throat (it’s not really as bad as it sounds) – The Bean is an expert on this as she is always referred to as l’haricot by her French chums 😉

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  3. I am sad we missed the chance to name a hedgehog while we were in Hawaii! I suspect our name choices would not have been as literary/wordsmith-y as others, though. After all, Choppy is named after a street in New Orleans where drunken adventures have been had. This is not our forte.

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