Name My Hedgehog

Someone sent me a new toy! Isn’t that thoughtful? It’s not as if my People have thought to give me a new toy this month, so this human must be really special.

First things first, I want to write a thank you note:

Thank y

I have since learned a few things about hedgehogs, aside from their tendency to make rude noises. According to this highly scientific website, a hedgehog is both “longer than a teaspoon” and “heavier than a U.S. penny.” Imagine that.

Definitely larger than a penny.

I think he has digestive issues. It is the only way to explain the sounds emanating from him.

Now, here is where I need your help. What should we name this new friend? Granted, I do not actually call him anything, but my People will want to have a name to use for him. Sometimes they try to teach me how to fetch a specific toy using different names for each one. We have had limited success with this trick.

So we must have something to call this fellow, and I am stumped. What should we call him? If you have an idea, please leave it in the comments below or tweet or e-mail it to me. I will choose the winner from your suggestions next Friday, the 27th.

Have a happy weekend!


41 thoughts on “Name My Hedgehog

  1. We think that was very very kind and we also think you write a very well-mannered letter. The name of the hedgehog Tigs this being the great great great great grandson of Mrs Tiggy Winkle made famous by Beatrix Potter.

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  2. that traveling nurse says:

    I like the name Hedge, for very obvious reasons. 🙂 Your people would say, “go fetch, Hedge!” ~ very catchy and tongue twisting! haha.

    Anyway, you do write a mean thank you letter.

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  3. Mikey has that exact same hedgehog and loves him. He plays with these squeaky things until he can rip it apart and get at that squeaker! 🙂 Here’s a real original NOT! name: Heddy or Hedwig the Hedgehog. 🙂 Stay safe and warm Albert!

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    • I like those suggestions, thank you! We will add them to the hat. I will try to get a the squeaker, but I don’t think I am as strong as Mikey, so it will probably take me a lot longer. 🙂


  4. Robin says:

    Hey, Albert. I hope you are staying warm and dreaming of the next above-freezing day!

    I know they are found elsewhere, but because of all the hedgehogs that appear in children’s books from British authors, I think of them as particularly British. So I’m going with Nigel. Plus, I’m acquainted with a British Nigel who also makes rude noises. 🙂

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  5. Sam says:

    Dear Albert,
    You are most welcome! I saw that cute little hedgehog and thought of you. Then I heard his rude noises and I thought of one of your People.

    Happy Friday!

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  6. Denise Meredith says:

    You could call him Hoglet or Piglet because he is a hedgehog (or a hedgepig). Or you could call him Parp because he makes rude noises LOL. You write a very good letter Albert – could you teach The Bean to do that on her facebook page Bean’s Talk?

    TTFN – stay warm indoors.

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    • Thank you for the suggestions, Ms. Denise! My secretary will add those to the hat for my drawing. I don’t know if I can teach The Bean about letters (I think Angus is all the student I can manage at the moment). Hope you are staying warm as well.


  7. Hi Albert! You’re one lucky dog! I finally decided upon the name I wish to suggest for your new toy; Hérisson. It is French for Hedgehog, and I thought you could use “Heri” (pronounced “airy”) for short. Just one more suggestion to toss into the hat.
    By the way, how are things going with Angus?

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    • That is a very clever suggestion, Pickled Pastor. We will add it to the hat for our draw on Friday.

      The good news is that Angus has gotten used to being alone when his human has to go out, so I can no longer hear him crying next door. The bad news is that despite my determination to be a good teacher, I am still a bit fearful of his puppy energy. I am keeping our face-to-face time limited while I devise my syllabus for him.

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  8. Hello Albert, I have been thinking about your hedgehog name contest. For some reason the name that keeps coming to mind is Hurlbert. I once knew an academic with that name. And I suspect your People and you may be doing some hurling around of the hedgehog.

    in any case, I hope you are still enjoying your toy. And you do write a most lovely thank you letter!

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    • Thank you for the suggestion, Ms. Sandee! We will add Hurlbert to the drawing, although if that gets chosen, I fear the Lady will take to calling him Hurlbert Hurlbert in reference to that not-terribly-nice fellow in Mr. Nabokov’s book. But we have definitely been hurling him about the last few days.

      I know you teach writing, so I certainly do appreciate your compliment on my letter!


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