Four Valentines

My People, being the unsentimental sort, do not really celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, I am much more comfortable expressing my emotions than they, so today I have four valentines to share with my four beloveds.

My People: This list is in no particular order, but I have to put my People first because I fear they will cut off my food supply if I don’t. My new blogging friend Ms. Sandee has issued a “Traditional Fairy Tale Takedown Challenge” (do visit her and write your own!). I think this challenge offers the perfect valentine for my People:

Valentine from a dog

Princess M.: When my People go on vacation without me, I usually stay with my friend Spanky and his family. Like me, Spanky came from a shelter, but he is a shy, fluffy, white Pomeranian-Poodle mix. Spanky’s house is always full of wonderful aromas, like roast pork, and his family is very entertaining. Mr. Louie, Spanky’s human, taught me how to speak. For some reason, my People don’t seem to appreciate this skill that I’ve acquired.

But my favorite human in Spanky’s house is the granddaughter, Princess M.

Albert the Dog ballet

Our paws de deux

Princess M. is highly intelligent. She takes ballet lessons and chess lessons and adores anything pink. Unlike some little girl humans, she does not try to put ribbons on my head, for which I thank her. The best thing about Princess M. is that she allows me to sit next to her on the sofa while she plays on her phone device and give her as many kisses as I want. Some people (who shall remain the Lady) do not appreciate endless dog kisses, so it is gratifying to be around someone who does.

Diva: Diva lives across the street with my friend Mike. Like me, she is of mixed ancestry. That is where the similarities end.

It is possible that Diva is part warthog.

It is possible that Diva is part warthog.

Diva is big, barrel-chested, mottled in color, and not very friendly. She has a mohawk. She looks like she knows how to ride a motorcycle, or perhaps even how to fix a motorcycle.

I am utterly smitten, though Diva cares little for my attentions. The Lady says that Diva is “too much woman for me,” but I cannot comprehend what she means by that, since Diva is obviously a dog, not a woman.

My Readers: Finally, and most importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my beloved readers! You fill my heart with gladness when you visit me, especially when you leave me comments. Until the Internet figures out a way for humans to deliver actual treats to me—so that you could fill my stomach with food the way you fill my heart with gladness—your comments are like delicious, digital treats.


Next week, I will be back with updates about my new neighbor. Until then, I wish you all a happy and warm weekend.

And if you would like to take the Traditional Fairy Tale Takedown Challenge and put an unconventional spin on the usual fairy tale, you can find the instructions and examples at Sandee’s blog.


18 thoughts on “Four Valentines

  1. I love your illustrations! Happy Valentine’s Day, Albert! I think you’re pretty special and I always look forward to reading your posts. Look at me getting all sentimental with a furry beast! Sometimes I surprise myself. Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. Denise Meredith says:

    Thank you for your Valentines Wishes – I will treasure them always xx. Hope you have a lovely day full of treats and walks and maybe some singing too. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Ms. Denise! I may indulge in some singing, but I hope my People will refrain, as they are very bad at singing. My walks are going to be short today–it is extremely cold in NY right now. I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  3. Robin says:

    Happy Valentines Day, Albert! Stay warm. I love New York but am happy to be in Houston weather this Valentines Day. Along with Osyth and The Bean, the Sweet Boy and I wish you a lovely, treat-filled day. (Love = treats, right?)

    I love the drawings/paintings that accompanied this post (compliments to your amanuensis) and now dream of possibly seeing a photo of you and Diva together. I love a dog with attitude!

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    • Thank you so much, Robin and Sweet Boy. I wish I were in Houston right now.
      I, too, would love to have Diva near me long enough to have a photo taken, but she rebuffs my advances. Perhaps she is playing hard to get.


  4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Albert, to you and your People. They sound pretty awesome, and your Valentine for them and those for the other loves in your life are so sweet. Thank you for sharing your fairy tale!

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    • Thank you, Ms. Sandee M., and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Let me know if I need to do anything else for the challenge–I am not sure if my secretary followed the rules correctly. I hope you get a lot of fairy tales.


  5. I hope you get a special Valentine’s treat, Albert! I love your story and your drawings are fantastic. I don’t understand ribbons on the head, either…some People have very strange ideas, don’t they?

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  6. estelea says:

    Happy belated Valentines dear, to you and your people. You are such a special one, you (almost) managed to cure me from my fear of dogs actually. Hope your people won’t mind me sending you a chocolate heart to celebrate the day 🙂

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    • Thank you, Estelea, and a Happy very belated Valentine’s Day to you, too! Thank you for the chocolate heart (as long as it is a digital heart, it’s okay, but we dogs can’t eat real chocolate).
      I am sorry to hear that you have a fear of dogs. I hope a dog was not mean to you or anything. If it makes you feel any better, I am also afraid of some other dogs.

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