Can Anyone Introduce Me to a Donkey?

After all that panic, we really did not get that much snow in the city. As you can see, I was able to take my morning constitutional without risk of being buried in a 3-foot snowbank. But I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry. It seems that Massachusetts is bearing the brunt of the storm along with possible flooding.

The streets were very quiet this morning, with only my fellow dogs and their humans out and very few vehicles on the avenues. I was able to walk down the middle of the empty streets. It’s still quite cold and windy, so I’ll be inside most of the day.

Meanwhile, I was interested to hear about how scientists are paying more attention to examples of cross-species animal friendships. The article, from the New York Times, includes a charming video compilation of pig-cat, goat-donkey, dog-cheetah, and many other unlikely friendships.

Is this cross-species harmony a harbinger of a new development in animal behavior? As the article points out, these relationships all occur in “human-controlled environments,” not in the wild, so any scientist human studying them must consider that context.

It is not too easy for me to strike up relationships with other species, as there are not many opportunities for me to befriend a donkey or a cheetah in Manhattan. So far, my only friends are other dogs and humans. Perhaps I can find a kindred spirit among the rat population of New York.

Readers, do your animal companions have friends of different species?


10 thoughts on “Can Anyone Introduce Me to a Donkey?

  1. Tripp, David says:

    Dear Albert the Dog,

    While in this household, and to our own detriment according to one occupant, we have ignored the “four legs good, two legs bad” rule, there are some comparisons you might appreciate. Though technically not of different species, we have found our male and female offspring, who figuratively at times seem of different lines in the evolutionary chain, somehow manage to coexist in harmony. While I encourage you in seeking friends among other members of your exalted four-legged world, please note from sad experience I urge you to avoid those from the Ursine line of descent.

    Your observations on the world are always read here with great enjoyment.

    Kindest regards,
    A Friend of Your Humans

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    • Dear Mr. David,

      Thank you for your wise and kind words. Your observations of your offspring sound fascinating and no doubt merit further study.

      I have heard the sad story to which you refer, and I will certainly heed your advice.

      Wishing you well,
      Albert the Dog


  2. First I am glad that you have not been engulfed in snow … meanwhile my husband who is in Cambridge Massachusetts is completely buried … he says the snow 3′ minimum and still falling … hey ho The Bean and I are rather glad we aren’t there. Now to your important question – The Bean is mostly fond of her humans and anyone else who she considers can be welcomed into her circle of trust (generally those that give her snacks behind my back) but did actually meet a donkey out walking today and no cross words were spoken 🙂

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    • Oh no, New England is getting the worst of it from what we have seen on the news here. I hope he is not among those who has lost power and that he is prepared with provisions.

      I am glad that The Bean and the donkey were able to coexist in peace.

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      • He said yesterday was like a battlefield at the supermarket with elderly women ready to fight to the death over whatever they could lay their hands on! When we spoke earlier there is still power so we have fingers and paws crossed on that one. The Bean says donkeys are better than horses … not such a tendency to snort!

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  3. I’m glad the snow wasn’t as bad as it could have been! And I wouldn’t call them “friends” but my dad recently got chickens that Michga at least tolerates and sometimes sniffs curiously.

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    • Thank you, Ms. Michelle. Here in NY, we had the lion’s share of the panic and attention, but I’m afraid our neighbors to the north and east are dealing with the worst of the blizzard.

      Chickens are certainly a fascinating idea! I am not sure that I would be able to resist trying to hunt them, but perhaps Michga is more highly evolved than I.


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