Here Comes the Snow

Union Square this morning

Union Square this morning

The northeastern U.S.A. is bracing itself for a big snowstorm. It’s already snowing as of this morning here in New York, and the meteorologist humans predict we will have from 1-2 feet of snow. This is a good time to remind you that I am only 13 inches tall. Although I have a rather large vocabulary for a dog, I simply do not have words to express my trepidation about what may greet me when I step outside tomorrow morning.


My walks will likely be unusually short over the next few days. I will have to wear either Musher’s Secret, a kind of waxy balm, or else rubber booties to protect my paws from the heavy salt that’s already covering sidewalks. And that might not be enough. On my morning constitutional, I wore my booties and my coat, and I regret to admit that I still had to be carried for a few blocks. I just could not go on.

So, what will I do indoors all day?

  • Chase a ball in the hallway. My favorite toy for this game is this little rubber fellow (the small size), because he bounces unpredictably and he is the right size for my dainty jaws.
  • Once again, the Tennis Ball Game for mental stimulation.
  • Perhaps the Lady and I will work on learning a new trick. I can jump through a person’s arms, but I am afraid I have not really accomplished much since learning that one. The last trick the Lady attempted to teach me was how to bring her a tissue, which seemed useful for cold and flu season. However, I did not understand the point of the exercise, and she decided there was something disgusting about blowing one’s nose in a tissue that had been in a dog’s mouth. I cannot imagine why. My mouth is probably cleaner than her nose.
  • This article in Puppy Leaks offers 33 ways to entertain a dog indoors. We may try some of these—except for the “101 Things to Do with a Box,” because cardboard boxes are terrifying, dangerous objects. I steer well clear of them. You know who likes cardboard boxes? Cats. I rest my case.

Of course, I’ll spend several hours sleeping. Sadly, most humans cannot sleep as much as we dogs do. So, I asked my People what they planned to do to entertain themselves during the snowstorm. In addition to watching the Australian Open, which we’ll all do, this is what they said:

The Lady said she would:

  • Make a pot of soup, perhaps this carrot-ginger soup, which is easy and tasty and will use up the carrots in the fridge. I approve of this decision, because there is a good chance I can help her by eating some of the carrot pieces that fall on the floor.
  • While she is making the soup, she will listen to this old Bowery Boys podcast episode about the Blizzard of 1888. Even if you do not listen to the podcast, it’s worth looking at the photos on the blog post. One victim of this disaster was Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).
  • She has been saving the third book of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels for a day like this. It is called Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. I checked, and although it looks like a long story, this book is a small enough that she will still be able to scratch behind my ears while I sit on her lap. So I approve of this even though it does not involve eating.

The Guy said he might:

  • Catch up on The Black Mirror on Netflix. This is apparently some kind of science fiction episodic television series. I am not so sure about this idea, because I don’t know if I can fit on his lap while he is doing this.
  • Catch up on sleep. Now, this I can help with. Sleeping is one of my greatest skills. Perhaps if he tries hard enough, he can learn to sleep 15 hours a day, as I do.

Northeastern friends, what will you be doing to stave off cabin fever during this snowstorm?


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  1. Albert – I’m glad you and your family have a good solid plan for indoor fun and that you have those boots and coat for when you HAVE to go out! Be safe and stay warm. We got about 5 inches so far in Mars and schools are closed. Mikey is anxiously waiting to see if his beloved UPS man will be making a visit down our snowy driveway today. Fingers cross for cookies and ear scratches.

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  2. My sister Eggnog wears those same booties, Albert. I don’t know about you, but the first time our moms put them on her she walked so funny! Anyway, good luck in the snow! We only have a few inches in Kentucky, but to the people that live here a few inches is equivalent to a few feet up in your parts. Everyone panics! My moms are both from the Midwest, so they seem to get quite a laugh out of the hysteria. Be safe out there!!

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    • Thank you, Carol. I am told that I walked funny the first time, too. Fortunately, no photo or video evidence of this incident exists. I hope your humans drive carefully in your few inches of snow! I am not sure the humans in Kentucky know how to use a snowplow.


  3. Very good to read that you are well prepared but do stay safe and warm … you will need the natty coat and paw-boots very much. I am going to check out the booties for The Bean – immitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉 I’m also going to listen to the podcast when I have my break tomorrow. I shall enjoy it I am sure and The Bean can relax some more whilst I do

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    • I hope they work for The Bean. I have to say I really don’t like them, and the Lady says that it is an ordeal to put them on me, but some people in this city really go overboard with the salt, so I need the protection. The Musher’s Secret works pretty well and is easier to apply.
      Hope you enjoy the podcast. The Lady says that the hosts can be rather corny, but that makes it easier to listen to while doing other things, like chopping carrots. 🙂

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  4. Denise Meredith says:

    Albert – I hope you don’t have to go out into the snow other than to attend to your toilet duties. Could you use a litter box like a pesky cat? That would save you from getting cold nipples in the snow.

    Here in Birmingham UK, we haven’t got snow yet – I hope we don’t get any. I have been given some snow/ice grippers to go onto the bottom of my boots so I don’t fall over.

    Just wondering if you have anything squeaky to play with although I don’t think the Lady or the Guy will appreciate too much noise but you have to entertain yourself somehow.

    Anyway I love reading your blog because you are so eloquent and I am busy learning about NYC.

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    • Thank you for kind words, Ms. Denise! I have never been to Birmingham, but anything that has “ham” in it sounds good to me. It’s nice to be given something practical like ice grippers, but perhaps you will not even have to use them this winter?

      I don’t know if I would know what to do with a litter box. The fact that it is something that cats use makes it suspect in my book.

      Some of my neighbors in the building know how to use “wee-wee pads,” but since leaving the shelter, I have unlearned that habit and now refuse to use them. So I’m afraid I’ll have to go out into the snow to take care of business. But my coat is pretty warm.

      I do have many squeaky toys; thank you for asking. My favorite of the moment is a pheasant, although the Guy calls it a duck because he grew up in the suburbs and wouldn’t know a turkey from a quail.


      • Denise Meredith says:

        Albert I am glad that your coat is pretty warm so that you can go out in the snow to attend to your business.

        I live in the suburbs of Birmingham near a huge park – 135 acres of mainly grassland with some trees, mud patches and natural springs so there is water to paddle in if you are a dog. Lots of dogs go to the park with their humans – not all the dogs are nice and neither are their humans unfortunately.

        I do a lot of voluntary work in the park and in the summer we will be holding a community fun day and will have a Beautiful Pooch Parade.

        The Guy will have to get a bird spotting book so that he can tell the difference between a turkey, quail and pheasant. He could do some bird spotting whilst he is stuck indoors; although he might not see a pheasant or a quail LOL..

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        • The Beautiful Pooch Parade sounds like an intriguing event. I hope you will take pictures.

          I will tell the Guy to buy a bird book, but he is not very good at learning things from books. I fear he may be a hopeless case.


  5. Stay safe, Albert! We are escaping this round in Ontario, but our thoughts are with our neighbours to the south.

    I think you should ask your People for some snowshoes. With foot warmers.

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    • Thank you, Ms. Sue! You Canadians deserve a break on the weather front. So far, there’s been some snow and wind in the city, but not much else. So we shall see.

      Is there such a thing as snowshoes with foot warmers for dogs like me? We went to the fancy dog store today to inquire about more heavy-duty boots, but they said my paws were too tiny for the brands they had. Maybe I can have my People order me some from Canada.

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  6. Oh, my dear Albert, those boots do look like a dreadful uncomfortable annoyance. But, if they keep your paws safe from all that nasty salt, they are a necessary evil. Enjoy your snow day tomorrow. It should be a cozy time with your people. Stay warm.

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    • Thank you, Pickled Pastor! They are not much fun to put on, but once I am outside, I’m so busy smelling things and peeing on snowdrifts that I forget about them.

      Hope you are staying cozy, too. I am looking forward to reading more from you whenever you are feeling inspired again!


  7. Hi, Albert! I completely agree with you about cardboard boxes. The reason I find them frightening is because my evil cat brother is usually hiding in them, ready to bop me on the head when I walk by. He really should pick on someone his own size! Anywho, I am extremely happy that I live in Florida where it doesn’t snow because I would lose my mind if someone tried putting those things on my feet. You’re a better dog than I, my friend!

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