A Poem for Karen

I am happy to announce the winner of the (very bad) poem contest. Reader Karen was among those who correctly guessed the name of the houseguest, and she was chosen to receive a (likely quite dreadful) poem in her honor. Without further ado…

A Poem for Karen

Winter, ceaseless grey and damp,
When even the scent of cinnamon
Can’t warm your nose.
Nor can the pleasures of red wine and chocolate
Sweeten the bitter cold.
What to do but persist
Each day, rise and put on your woolen socks
Starting with the left one,
As all sensible people do?
Hope you like it, Ms. Karen! And thanks to everyone who submitted a response!

If you enjoy good poetry, make sure to include a stop at Poets’ House in your next visit downtown. This serene, sunny space in Battery Park City has a library of poetry journals and books, an exhibition space, and workshops and events. As a dog, I can’t go in (maybe if I could, I’d write better poetry), but humans can visit and peruse the library for free.


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