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Hello, readers. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whatever holiday it is you celebrate. I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. As you can see, I’ve been preoccupied with one of my gifts:


So I have some odds and ends to update here today.

NYC Christmas Trees

We didn’t have a Christmas tree in our abode, but I have once again observed the curious annual tradition of the coming and going of the trees in New York. Sometime after Thanksgiving, tree vendors pop up along sidewalks throughout the city, and the usual odors of garbage, hotdog water, Subway sandwich bread fumes, and pee (both human and canine) are replaced here and there with a clean, woodsy scent. According to The New York Historical Society, the first tree Christmas tree vendor came to the city in 1851:


It’s all very festive and merry, right up until Christmas Eve. Then the dead, discarded trees begin showing up on the sidewalks of the city. This year, I peed on my first castoff Christmas tree on Christmas morning itself!  We think that perhaps the tree’s erstwhile owners had to jet off to Vanuatu or Santorini that day and thus dumped the tree right after opening their presents.

As much as I enjoy the novelty of peeing on evergreens, some of the trees I’ve run into are still in their tree stands, or strewn with tinsel, or even wrapped in plastic bags. These are all no-nos according to the NYC Department of Sanitation, which will gladly pick up your naked tree starting January 5th so that it can be mulched for use in city parks and community gardens. But they can’t mulch it if it still has ornaments, tinsel, or (yes, we’ve seen this) lights on it! New Yorkers who want some extra exercise can also drop off their trees at designated mulch sites (or pick up a bag of mulch) in the NYC Parks’ MulchFest. But again, naked trees only.

A question for those of you outside of New York City who celebrate Christmas: What do you do with your tree after the holiday?

The Houseguest’s Name

Last Monday was the deadline to submit your answers to the Guess My Houseguest’s Name puzzle. A handful of people correctly answered the question by clicking on this photo…

The houseguest

The houseguest

… which linked to this photo:


… which led these clever readers to deduce that the houseguest’s name was Ginger! My secretary has e-mailed the lucky winner of a (very bad) poem. We have not heard back yet, but we will wait a few more days, since some people are likely traveling during the holidays. If we still don’t get a response, then I will have my secretary contact the runner-up. If you submitted a correct answer, please be on the lookout for an e-mail from albertthedognyc_at_gmail.

I’ll be back later today with my New Year’s resolutions and then will be taking the rest of the week off to work on my giant bully stick and maximize my tree-peeing time. I wish you all a very happy New Year’s Eve!



6 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

  1. Aakansha says:

    Hi Albert! A very Happy New Year to you too! Your owner should probably help you unwrap the gift; you’re doing a very poor job. 😛


  2. Happy New Year Albert! To you and your family! Mikey sends his best. He has a tummy ache right now as we went out for lunch today and didn’t take him, so he started snacking on some things we were putting out for tonight – including about a 1/2 lb of pecans! Oh that Mikey! I know you would never do such a thing – right? Talk to you in the New Year!


    • Oh no, poor Mikey! I don’t think I have ever tried to eat a pecan, but I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if given the opportunity. I certainly have eaten things I wasn’t supposed to. Hope his tummy recovers soon.
      A very Happy New Year to you, Mikey, and all your family, Ms. Jodi!


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