The name my People gave me, Albert, is one I share with several humans—among them various monarchs and a genius. I consider it a highly dignified and thus suitable moniker.

Yet, having chosen such an appropriate name, my People and other humans I know can’t resist saddling me with more than a dozen additional nicknames. Some of these really show considerable lack of respect, I must say. But what is a dog to do? The names they choose to call me probably say more about them than me.

A question for my fellow domesticated animals and their people: How many nicknames do you have? Do certain humans have a special name for you that only they use? Let me know in the comments.

A reminder: Have you deduced the name of my houseguest yet? Entries will be accepted by e-mail until 10 PM EST on Monday the 22nd.



8 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. Robin says:

    My grandpa had a dog named Puppy Love, so we come by this naturally: My beloved 15 year old (looks a bit like you) is, formally, Lincoln, but he only hears that when he’s chasing the cats. Otherwise, he goes by Sweet Boy. No lie.

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  2. I’ve been told my fur is super, super soft. I’m a lab mix – -Lab mixed with that fabric softener bear perhaps? Mom has a female friend who is Native American and she calls me “Princess Wondercoat”. I like it when she calls me that.

    Abby the Lab

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  3. Kaz says:

    We feel you, Albert. In our family we have:
    * Bill – [chihuahua x maltese] aka Bill William, Wee Bill, Bill de Will, Cecil B de Will (oftentimes shortened to Cecily – poor lad)
    * Charlie [terrier x maltese], known mostly as Charlie-bear, Bear, Chunky-Monkey (from when he was chubbier), Chunk or Monkey
    * Dot – (poodle x jack russell) who gets Dot, Dotty, Dot-bird or Bird unless there’s trouble in which case it’s Dorothy or Dorothea
    And lastly, the newest, biggest sibling
    * Daisy, the blue heeler x. So far Daisy is just Daisy, unless she’s Crazy-Daisy, or Daisy-Dog. Or on occasion Naughty Dog. But it’s early days…
    Merry Christmas,
    The often-confused pack from Bundanoon, Australia

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  4. My human named me Jasper, which is often shortened to Jazz, and sometimes lengthened to Jazz-the-spas ( though I’m sure my person means it in a loving, joking way. My human thinks he’s funny.) And my super-hero dog name is: The one-eyed wonder dog!

    Thankfully, my human has never called me ‘Lucky’, because naming a dog with one eye ‘Lucky’ is too tacky even for my human.)

    — Jasper (a.k.a. The one eyed wonder dog)


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