Review: bookbook

TREATS:  3 out of 4


As a dog, my feelings about books are mixed. As I see it, they have the potential to distract humans from things they should be doing: paying attention to me, playing with me, or giving me treats. But the other day I realized that reading, as long as the book is small and lightweight, still leaves my People a hand free to scratch my ears. Thus, I have decided that book-reading trumps other human pastimes such as playing video games, knitting, or going to spinning classes.

Moreover, when my People need to get a book, they tend to go to an actual bookstore, which gives me the opportunity to accompany them, explore the city, and, if I’m lucky, sample some treats. Although I am told New York does not have as many bookstores as it once had, the ones that remain by and large tend to welcome well-mannered dogs.



Last weekend, the Lady and I ducked out of the rain to browse the shelves at bookbook, an independent bookstore in Greenwich Village.

The store used to be called Biography Books and was located further west on Bleecker Street, but the owners had to move after 26 years due to rising rents. That all happened before I came to New York, so I never had the chance to smell the store in its Biography days. Personally, I can’t imagine a better location than their current address, where the air is perfumed with the delicious scents of the neighboring Murray’s Cheese, Faicco’s Italian Specialties, and Amy’s Bread.

Primed by those intriguing odors (which, sadly, I must enjoy second-hand, as the Health Department forbids me from entering food-selling establishments), my nose was already twitching as we entered the shop. We were politely greeted by a bookbook human who asked if she might offer me a treat. She did not have to ask twice.

Albert the Dog

I learned how to stand like this from T’ai Chi for Dummies.

After that, the Lady took her sweet time choosing something to read, a process not helped by the fact that bookbook’s long, narrow space is filled with a wide variety of books across diverse subject areas, including an intelligently curated selection of remainders perfectly priced for cheapskates discerning shoppers like the Lady.

Albert the Dog at the bookstore

Just choose something already.

Perhaps you would like one of these.

Perhaps you would like one of these.

Finally, for half the price of a bag of bison bites, she picked out a paperback which is small enough to allow her to rub my belly while reading. At the register, the bookbook humans took some time to scratch my ears and, inevitably, inquire about my heredity.

I guess people can’t help but wonder about my presumably fascinating history. Someday I will have to dictate my memoirs. When I do, perhaps they, too, will end up on the bookbook remainder shelf.

In summary:

Pros: Treats, friendly humans, interesting smells in the neighborhood.

Cons: No books about me. Yet.

bookbook is located at 266 Bleecker Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues) in Greenwich Village

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