My 5 Favorite New Yorkers: December


As always (i.e., since last this feature was introduced last month), these choices are based on this dog’s opinion of each candidate’s dog friendliness, canine advocacy, good-eggishness, and general New Yorkitude.

In no particular order and without further ado…

Albert the Dog’s 5 Favorite New Yorkers for December

1. The firefighters of FDNY Ladder 135, staff at BluePearl Veterinary Partners, and the Good Samaritans: Last month, a dog was thrown from a moving vehicle in Queens. A couple of Good Samaritans flagged down a passing fire truck. Firefighters stayed with the injured dog, and then humans from the media brought her to BluePearl, where she was found to have a large mass on her body. The vets at BluePearl and then the ASPCA hospital tried to help the poor Rottweiler, who was called Dasher. Unfortunately despite the efforts of all these people, this story does not have a happy ending: Dasher was put down after failing to respond to treatment. Here’s hoping that ACIS is able to locate and charge the human responsible for this vile crime.

2. Amanda Seyfried: Let’s cheer ourselves up with Ms. Amanda, an American human female actor who, when in New York, is often spotted around town with her almost equally famous dog, Finn. Most recently, Ms. Amanda was caught knitting something while at a dog park here in the city. I am sure that however engrossed she was in her knitting project, she was also keeping an eye on Mr. Finn so that she could tidy up after he took care of business in the dog run. She also supports rescue and adoption, so good for her.

3. R.A.T.S.: My friends, I had an alarming experience a few weeks ago when I spotted another four-footed creature in the apartment. It was neither a dog nor a cat, but rather a mouse. He managed to get away from me, but the superintendent human blocked up the hole in the heating unit through which this brazen intruder seems to have entered my castle. We have not spotted him or any of his friends since. But the experience reminded me that many of my fellow canines, and perhaps some of my ancestors, earned their keep by hunting rodents.

What I saw was definitely a mouse. New York City, however, is known more for its rats, which can be spotted frolicking in the streets, alleys, parks, subway tracks, and occasionally on the subway itself. In my last post, I mentioned that a rat pit was once a popular attraction in the South Street Seaport. These days, we have the Ryders Alley Trencher-Fed Society, a club of terriers that hunts rats on the New York streets. They have been profiled many, many, many times in recent years. It’s not for everyone—some animal-rights humans have criticized the group for cruelty to the rats—and I don’t think I’ll be joining them any time soon. To be honest, I’m not much of a hunter (maybe I really am part Pekingese). But in honor of my recent brush with intrusive vermin, I give R.A.T.S. the nod for their efforts this month.

4. Bowdie the Dog: Technically speaking, I think Bowdie lives in Connecticut, but he recently starred in Peter Pan Live!, which some of you may have had the misfortune pleasure to watch on NBC. Bowdie turned in a performance worthy of a professional Broadway production, while Mr. Christopher Walken flawlessly reprised the role of Mr. Christopher Walken.

5. Patricia Clarkson:


There you have it, readers! If you have nominations for January, please make your case in the comments, and I’ll consider them for next month’s list.


Photo credit: D. Shankbone, Wikipedia Commons


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