Albert the Dog at the Salty Paw

Review: The Salty Paw

TREATS:  4 out of 4


Two years ago, when Hurricane Sandy landed on the Eastern Seaboard, the South Street Seaport area was one of those most badly hit. It’s still recovering, but a lot of the businesses have been back up and running for over a year now. We dogs can be thankful that among those is The Salty Paw, which the Lady and I visited last weekend.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a cheerful Salty Paw human, who asked if we were there for a grooming appointment. I began to tremble as it occurred to me that perhaps the Lady had lured me here for a surprise bath or one of the grooming spa’s famous color treatments. (I’m not sure what to think about those, by the way. I suppose some dogs are delighted to strut their hot pink stuff, but in my case, I feel that it would be gilding the lily. Don’t you agree?)

Thankfully, the Lady explained that we were there merely to browse (and secretly gather material for my review, of course). I was graciously offered an amuse-bouche and invited to peruse the wares. And it was then that I discovered what distinguishes this cozy shop from its pet-supply competition.

As you may know, New York has a lot of places to buy things for pets, from big national chains to local mini-chains to independent boutiques. Every such store I visit has a bowl of treat samples on the counter, offering anything from standard biscuits to fruit chews. But The Salty Paw scatters multiple sample bowls around the store. And we’re not talking the standard fare here, dear readers. Stella & Chewy bites, liver snaps, crunchy baked cheese nuggets, coconut chips—it was a high-end smörgåsbord the likes of which I have never seen.

Albert the Dog at The Salty Paw

I will take one of everything.

In addition to the food on offer, the store also has a range of accessories, bowls, and toys, including New York-themed and, as of this writing, some holiday items. Oh, they also have stuff for cats, if for some unfathomable reason you have one of those living with you.

Dog toys at The Salty Paw

Hooch for your pooch.

Wait, where it the plush Uber car?

I am confused. Where is the plush Uber?

Although I instructed the Lady to buy all the treats in the store, we left with only a bag of delicious 100% cheese nuggets because She said more than that would be hazardous to her wallet (I do not know why She has not yet obtained the AmEx Black card I requested).

Everyone in the shop, including my fellow canine customers, was very cordial and neighborly, and I was not eager to leave. However, I did enjoy sniffing around the surrounding neighborhood, with its cobblestone streets and low-slung buildings. It doesn’t smell quite as interesting as it must have in the old days, when the area teemed with pirates and sailors, or when fishermen brought the daily catch to market and the streets were slick with fish guts. Today, the stalls that line Fulton Street most days sell things like macarons, crepes, and hot ginger-apple cider. Instead of sliding around on fish guts, humans can glide across a small ice-skating rink installed for the winter.

And that, my human friends, is history: Where once dogs and wharf rats fought for sportsmen’s wagers, now poodles and Malteses sport custom-dyed coiffures in the name of fashion.

In short:

Pros: A bevy of high-end treats, local goods, friendly humans and fellow dog customers.

Cons: In-house grooming salon means there is potential for someone to make me take a bath.

The Salty Paw is located at 38 Peck Slip in the South Street Seaport.


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