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Review: Bottlerocket Wine and Spirit

TREATS:  4 out of 4


Last week, the Lady and I paid a visit to Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit, a shop that sells wine, a/k/a fermented grape juice, which for some unfathomable reason many humans enjoy drinking. Grapes are toxic for dogs, so I steer clear of them even in their recognizable form, let alone after they’ve been mashed up and lying around in a barrel for years. But I gave up trying to understand human peculiarities long ago.

Besides, I don’t mind if a shop is selling mashed-up grapes when it’s such a welcoming place for little old me to visit.

The purple beacon of pet-friendliness.

The purple beacon of pet-friendliness.

Bottlerocket is an easy walk from two dog runs (Madison Square Park and Union Square), so we dogs can get a little off-leash running and socializing before our people stock up on wine and other adult beverages like fancy bourbon and gin.

Upon entering, I was immediately and warmly greeted by some Bottlerocket humans, who appear to be selected primarily for their willingness to play with dogs. The Lady assumes they are also required to have some knowledge of wine and retail skills, but She and I are fairly certain the first question on the employment application is, “Why and to what extent do you love dogs? Please respond using specific reasons and examples.”

Near the entrance was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen:


Dog charging station.

Dog charging station, complete with welcoming cat.

Sadly, the Lady gave me only one measly (though delicious) biscuit. Perhaps if Bottlerocket moved the treat jar to the floor and removed the lid, I could serve myself. That would be more convenient for everyone, no?

The Lady spent quite a bit of time selecting her grape juice even though the shop tries to simplify the process by displaying their wares by category as well as origin. Thus, “Wine for humans to drink with take-out” as well as “Wine from Italy.”  Rather like describing me as “small and sophisticated, yet friendly and playful given the right companion” as well as “terrier mix from Georgia.” I noticed that they have neglected to include a category for “Wine to drink while sitting on the sofa with a dog on your lap.”

dog at wine store

Are you sure you want to go with the Malbec?

Fortunately, the humans who work at the store were happy to entertain me while she completed her purchases.

Sadly, we were soon on our way, so I had to bid goodbye to my new human friends and that big jar of treats. I am hoping we will be back soon to stock up again.

If anyone has any suggestions to offer on how to get my People to drink more wine more quickly, I am all ears. (No big ear jokes, please.)

In sum:

Pros: Treat jar, welcoming atmosphere, very friendly humans.

Cons: I can’t drink wine.

Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit is located at 5 W. 19th Street in Manhattan.


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