Please Don’t Pee on $2000 Worth of Clothes: A Message to My Fellow Dogs

From CBS local news comes this terrible story about a woman whose dog peed on 25 articles of clothing at a Lane Bryant store in Toms River, New Jersey. The police humans are now looking for her, and given that they have her license plate number and name, they will probably track her and her dog down any minute now.

I have heard that human visitors to New York sometimes express surprise at how many dogs there are in the city and how many places allow dogs inside. Some also wonder aloud why on earth humans feel the need to bring dogs with them everywhere.

The thing is, New York is a pedestrian city, and it makes life just a bit easier for my People if they can combine one of our daily walks with running a few errands along the way, rather than having to make a separate trip outside and possibly several blocks just to buy some light bulbs or a bottle of wine. This may sound like a small thing, but it makes difference to my People, especially on days like this when the city is cold and windy.

So my People and I appreciate those businesses that let us come in together, especially those that welcome dogs with treats or water bowls. But we try to be conscientious about not abusing this privilege. If the Lady isn’t sure whether a store is dog-friendly, she’ll quickly ask an employee at the entrance. And of course we obey signs forbidding dogs.  Even I understand why some businesses might choose not to let me in. After all, some humans are allergic to dogs; others just might not like dogs or might be afraid of us. With that in mind, we rarely visit clothing stores together because my fur and dander could make its way onto brand-new clothes (we make a couple of exceptions for stores that sell athletic goods and are especially welcoming to dogs).

But humans like Ms. Theresa Tumbleson and her canine companion threaten to ruin it for the rest of us. Who could blame a store for banning dogs altogether after this one relieved himself on all that merchandise? (It had to be a small dog, too, didn’t it? Thanks a lot, unnamed dog suspect. Really upholding our reputation there.) Just the other day, my People and I learned that a popular local store had to confine canine visitors to the entryway because too many of them had “had accidents.”

I truly enjoy exploring the city and meeting the very often friendly humans who work in its businesses. Even when I don’t exactly have a great time, I still end up meeting someone new and having a new experience, and I’m with my People, which is exactly where I like to be. The more humans that act as Ms. Theresa Tumbleson did, the less likely I will be to be able to continue doing so. And that would be a pity, at least in this dog’s opinion.

What do you think, should dogs be permitted in stores? Or has it gone too fur far already?


5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Pee on $2000 Worth of Clothes: A Message to My Fellow Dogs

  1. I’m happy to hear that New York is such a dog friendly city! I wish it was like that everywhere. I can totally see why clothing stores would not want to allow dogs in, but it would be nice if my dog could come with me more places, like convenience stores or restaurants


  2. I actually am not allowed into restaurants, grocery stores, or anyplace that sells food because of Health Department regulations, which only allow service animals.
    But a lot of other places are happy to welcome us, and many have jars of treats. The other day I even got a homemade, organic treat at a bookstore. I do enjoy exploring as much of the city as I can! I just hope situations like this don’t ruin it for dogs and humans who know how to mind their manners.


    • I know of one restaurant where I live that has an outdoor deck where they allow dogs, but that’s it. To be honest though, I’ve never actually asked if dogs were allowed most other stores, I just always assumed they wouldn’t be. I’ve certainly never seen any welcome treats!


  3. I read this story, too, but on! I couldn’t believe the dog got away with peeing on so many items. I’m guessing there was a whole pile in the dressing room? I love bringing my (not-so-small) dog wherever I can around the city. If everyone was responsible with their pets, we’d all have more flexibility!

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