Friday Links

Hello readers,

I’ve now been in blogland one month! To celebrate, here are a few links for your dog-related weekend reading:

  • Help the Cute: My human writer digital friend Mr. Iain wrote a brief post about two worthy organizations in Sri Lanka that help four-legged creatures, one for elephants and one for street dogs. I have never met an elephant, but I am sure that if I did, we would get along. And I know that I wouldn’t want to be living on the street, so I am glad to know these people are helping my Sri Lankan cousins.
  • Know a Breed — The Rat Terrier: Paw Print Diary has an introduction to the Rat Terrier. Sometimes people on the street declare with great confidence that they can see I am part Rat Terrier. However, I have no interest in hunting, killing, or consorting with rats. Which is a pity, because we certainly have an abundance of them in New York.
  • White Rodent Finds Fame on the Great White Way: Not only is this rat a Broadway star, she also shares a dressing room with a dog. Don’t let the Rat Terriers find out about this!

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