Review: Kiehl’s

TREATS:  1 out of 4


The Lady says that this is the original location of this store, which appears to sell fluids and creams that humans like to put on themselves.

They have some interesting decor here as well. But for some reason I can’t fathom, they have a lot of bones on display, none of which I was allowed to chew.  This makes no sense.

Skeleton at Kiehl's

Dear Kiehl’s Manager: Please put the bones where I can reach them. Thanks.

Good news for my fellow canines:  Kiehl’s has delicious treats behind the counter. Unfortunately, the fellow doling them out was a little parsimonious with the wares, so I got only about half a biscuit.  (The Lady insists on adding that this is actually a good thing for my waistline.)

But if the portion sizes are lacking, the service leaves nothing to be desired.  Several friendly Kiehl’s People got the chance to greet me and were suitably admiring of my many charms.  It must be said that the human customers seemed to receive just as much attention, even if none of them got scratched behind the ears.

Albert the Dog at Kiehl's in New York

Trust me, if this thing were moving, I would be barking at it.

Amidst all the human grooming stuff, they actually do have some products for us dogs as well.  The Lady, however, refused to buy me any, claiming that I already have more grooming products than she does (she also said that this place could be hazardous to Her wallet).  I didn’t protest—the last thing I want is for Her to have an excuse to give me a bath.  But I’m sure the stuff smells like what a human thinks is good, so any Bizarro-world dogs who do enjoy baths should think about dragging their People over here.

In sum:

Pros: Biscuits available, attentive Kiehl’s People, intriguing but sadly non-chewable decor

Cons: Small portion sizes, dog shampoo may remind my People to give me a bath, doesn’t smell like garbage

An entire store full of things I can't eat.

An entire store full of things I can’t eat.

Kiehl’s is at 109 3rd Avenue in the East Village.